Formula SAE

Throttle Pedal and Clamshell Plates

The depicted parts in the image represent an early prototype designed by the controls team. During this stage of my learning process, I gained valuable experience in machining components. One of the key techniques I acquired was the application of trochoidal movements to efficiently cut through metal. This method allowed me to achieve precise and clean cuts, contributing to the overall quality of the components. Furthermore, I successfully utilized a 1/4 inch end mill to machine the small slot in the Clamshell Plate. This required careful attention to detail and precision to ensure the slot was accurately machined to the required specifications. Through this process, I enhanced my skills in working with smaller dimensions, ensuring the component met the necessary standards. Overall, this early stage of learning provided me with valuable insights into machining techniques, such as trochoidal movements, and enabled me to successfully execute machining tasks with precision, even when working on intricate features such as the small slot in the Clamshell Plate.