Formula SAE

Aluminum Brake Rotors

The aluminum brake rotors, with each plate costing a substantial $150, demanded meticulous precision without any margin for error. To ensure accuracy, I began by machining a perfectly square fixture plate that precisely accommodated the stock. With the fixture plate prepared, I carefully positioned the stock within the fixture and securely fastened it using four clamps strategically placed at the corners. This ensured a stable and firm grip on the stock throughout the machining process. To achieve the desired internal pattern, I utilized a ½ inch end mill. For the finish pass, I transitioned to a ¼ inch end mill, allowing me to achieve the required level of detail. For the external pattern, I repositioned the clamps towards the center, providing ample access to the remaining areas. Employing a ¼ inch end mill, I machined the outside pattern, paying close attention to every detail and contour. Throughout the entire process, I maintained utmost vigilance, knowing that any deviation or miscalculation could result in costly errors. By adhering to strict precision and employing appropriate tooling, I successfully machined the aluminum brake rotors to meet the stringent specifications, ensuring their functionality and integrity.